Riverview Newborn Portraits | Misty Jones Photography

Why is important for mom to be included in those newborn photos? I know you are tired, maybe not feeling like your fittest self, and overall just not photo ready. But that is what I am here for! To make you look like the best version of YOU even when you don't quite feel ready! Why? Because one day you are going to look back and wish that you had some photos of you with your little one. And you will not be the only one that will be looking back to see those beautiful photos, your little one will also look back at those photos! And you know what they will not see? A mom that is tired, carrying extra baby weight, who's hair isn't perfect. They will see a shared moment between the two of you, something they will always cherish! So if you feel me "pushing you" to take a couple photos with your little one that is the reason!


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