Preparing for your maternity session! | Misty Jones Photography

Thinking about having maternity portraits done? I listed a few a few suggestions for getting the most out of your maternity session below. Pregnancy is an amazing time and what better way to capture this special time in your life then by documenting it with portraits that you will have for a lifetime. The best time to schedule maternity sessions are generally shot between 30 and 35 weeks. You don't want to wait too long or you may go into labor and miss your shot! Yes, this happens! These sessions are typically shot in my in-home studio but I can also do them on location if you prefer. Clothing is best to keep to a minimum. Don't be afraid to show some skin! Nude and semi nude images can be really beautiful when tastefully done. Long flowing dresses are also great for maternity sessions. This is the one time that "tighter is better". We want to show off your beautiful belly and while loose clothes may be more comfortable, they do not always look great in photos. Try to avoid things that will leave marks, such as elastic waists and hairbands. When you book your session with me I will provide you with some links on where to shop and I also have a few maternity dresses in my studio. Fitted tanks will show off your belly really well and I know you will think I am crazy but pull out those pre-pregnancy jeans. We will leave them unbuttoned and they will make for great portraits. Other fun shots with hip tees, can also be very nice and go well with those jeans. Jewelry and watches are best to be kept to a minimum as they can be distracting. You may want to wear a little more makeup than normal. Also, make sure your hands and feet are well manicured for your session. Husbands and children are certainly welcome to join you during your portrait session! While the main focus will be on that beautiful belly I love incorporating the whole family for these very special images. If you have things like ultrasound pictures, small stuffed animals for the baby, pacifier, pair of baby shoes, etc... those make interesting props. Most importantly, no stressing! You don't need to worry about being photogenic or how to pose, that is what I am here for! I will guide you through all the poses and make it as fun as possible! :)


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