Apollo Beach Newborn Photographer | Self Portrait

So I attended a workshop last month and prior to the workshop they requested a self portrait of each of the photographers. I kept receiving scary messages about how if I don't submit they would submit an image for me and along with the messages were pictures of Napolian Dynamite, Peg Bundy, etc... so out of fear of one of those images being used for my self-portrait I drug out the tripod for a self portrait. Let me tell you that this is NOT an easy task. When you are using a camera/lens that does not blur out the background its not that hard but this was not the case. So picture me with my camera up on a tripod propping a toy on a chair, focusing on the toy, running and shoving the toy out of the way and trying to get my face where the toy was located. And then imagine my dissapointment when I would look at the camera display to see yet another out of focus portrait! Urgghh! I was sweating by the time I was done and I am pretty sure the guy that was cutting the lawn outside thought I was fairly insane given that my door was open for lighting purposes and here I am posed in front of a camera on a tripod while my one year old is running around on the porch. LOL! It was quite a site. With all that said and done here is the result. Not perfect but it had to do! LOL!


For what it's it worth I think I will stick to photographing other people! :)

Apollo Beach Newborn Photographer


Jen said…
You are beautiful!!
Misty said…
Aww thanks Jen!

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