Last batch of baby A! {South Tampa Newborn Portrait Photographer}

I just love these! Thanks T for bringing baby A back today for some more toture! :) Hopefully I didn't add any stress for him! *giggle*


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THill said…
The poking was no problem you are amazing with newborns.
These are great. I need to enlist the grandparents... there are too many pictures that I want!!

Thanks for capturing us.

Love ya!
Misty said…
Glad you like them! A was definitely a trooper as were you and J! :) I love the first one of you and A!
Michelle Boley said…
Hi Misty! I'm a friend of Tivona's and I just wanted to tell you that your photos are breathtaking. Truly stunning! You have a gift! I need to get with you to take some photos of my girls!!!
Misty said…
Thank you Michelle! :) Definitely let me know if you want to set something up. :)
~kRiStY~ said…
beautiful. just as all ur other work, wow.. i love the first one, the baby bed one. aww.. too precious.
Rhonda Stark said…
love that 1st image .. so sweet!! what a gorgeous baby!

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