Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby A! {Tampa Maternity and Newborn Portrait Photographer}

Baby A is such a sweetie pie! I couldn't get enough of him! :) Hopefully he will forgive me for messing with him so much! :)









Anonymous said...

I love your newborn photos and the expressions you captured. Love the last picture!

THill said...

I love these. OMG! More masterpieces by the talented MJ. You are the best girl.

Love ya!

~SarahInParis~ said...

Fabulous images Misty. Love the variety and the baby is just gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

They turned out wonderful Misty!! LOVE the 2nd one!! Another great job!

eleni said...

I love all the pics - especially the last one!

~kRiStY~ said...

all of these natural light? wow.. beautiful. definitely inspirational, this is where i want to be... what camera and lens do u use?

Misty said...

Kristy, yes these are all natural light (using patio window that faces west...north would be better). I have a 5D and the 40D (I was rotating between cameras and lenses). The lenses were the 85mm and the 24-105L.

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. It helps when you have such an adorable model! :)

~kRiStY~ said...

thank you for answering :)
i am considering upgrading lens and i want an L series, i just wanted to see personal experience/use with one.. and this reassures my 'wants'. haha... love you work... beautiful and i love how it's natural light. definitely got some talent!

Willow Paule Photography said...

Misty, the last two are wonderful. I love the organic shape of the baby on the couch and the portrait of the baby and dad is beautiful. The choice to use black and white was a good one.

LovingLegacy said...

so beautiful, misty! great work, girl!!!